Teampixie – A word of colour.


58 brilliant colors – coming soon.

The wide range of 58 colors contains the most useful skin colors and a broad range of nuances for realizing an infinite number of color themes. maskworld aqua make-up is highly pigmented for high coverage and color brilliance. Working wet-in-wet yields countless mixed tones and gradations.

 Simple to use

aqua make-up - Huge color range

Apply maskworld aqua make-up with a moist sponge or brush. It dries quickly to create a thin, resilient base coat. A few drops of rain or perspiration will not smudge the stable coat of color, so your design and the clothing near it are both safe.

Perfect Coverage

aqua make-up - Durable, no smearing

maskworld aqua make-up is highly pigmented, so when you paint light colors on top of dark colors both colors remain brilliant. After one coat of maskworld aqua make-up dries, simply apply the next one. Most commercial make-up will bleed and produce muddy colors with this technique.


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