Journeys End .

The film is based on a 1928 stage play by RC Sherriff and follows a squad of men the trenches of northern France in 1918 and await a German offensive.
Filmmaker Saul Dibb and his production team made use of a number of existing trench sets over the course of the shoot, including a replica set at Trench Farm near Ipswich.
“Two days before we started shooting there was an enormous downpour so the mud you see in the film is just the mud we found on set – we didn’t add to it,” says Dibb.
“The actors didn’t go off to trailers. Everyone stayed on set and by the end of it their feet were frozen, they were covered in mud – it was uncomfortable.

Makeup Journeys end
Zara Bray – makeup assistant
Holly Caddy- crowd junior makeup
Ann Fenton – crowd hair and makeup artist
Lesley Hooper – crowd makeup junior
Lesley Noble – makeup supervisor
Conal Palmer – prosthetic make up artist
Roseann Samuel – makeup designer
Barbara Taylor – crowd hair & makeup supervisor

Journey’s End is a tough watch . You become fully immersed in the film The desire to look away is as compelling as the need to watch this uncompromising look at an important period of our history.






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