Ready Player One.

When we are not packing parcels we love to visit the cinema. For us film goes beyond the story into the world of makeup and special effects.

Ready Player One.

This movie just does not let you down. The makeup and special effects are flawless, making this one of the easiest movies to watch.

Makeup artist Gary Archer was the dental prosthetics designer for this film. he is known for his work on deep impact ( 1998 ) and R.I.P.D ( 2013).

Story – The film is a mix between the real world and the virtual world ( OASIS). In the oasis its all action and adventure, sending us on the quest to find the clues, to complete the treasure hunt. The film shows us just what the world could become like if we continue to use technology. Its only in the virtual world that we can live out our dreams.
The real world looks bleak. People wondering around unaware of the outside world. It’s not to far from our world as we walk around heads down looking at our phones.



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