Journeys End .

The film is based on a 1928 stage play by RC Sherriff and follows a squad of men the trenches of northern France in 1918 and await a German offensive.
Filmmaker Saul Dibb and his production team made use of a number of existing trench sets over the course of the shoot, including a replica set at Trench Farm near Ipswich.
“Two days before we started shooting there was an enormous downpour so the mud you see in the film is just the mud we found on set – we didn’t add to it,” says Dibb.
“The actors didn’t go off to trailers. Everyone stayed on set and by the end of it their feet were frozen, they were covered in mud – it was uncomfortable.

Makeup Journeys end
Zara Bray – makeup assistant
Holly Caddy- crowd junior makeup
Ann Fenton – crowd hair and makeup artist
Lesley Hooper – crowd makeup junior
Lesley Noble – makeup supervisor
Conal Palmer – prosthetic make up artist
Roseann Samuel – makeup designer
Barbara Taylor – crowd hair & makeup supervisor

Journey’s End is a tough watch . You become fully immersed in the film The desire to look away is as compelling as the need to watch this uncompromising look at an important period of our history.






Teampixie – A word of colour.


58 brilliant colors – coming soon.

The wide range of 58 colors contains the most useful skin colors and a broad range of nuances for realizing an infinite number of color themes. maskworld aqua make-up is highly pigmented for high coverage and color brilliance. Working wet-in-wet yields countless mixed tones and gradations.

 Simple to use

aqua make-up - Huge color range

Apply maskworld aqua make-up with a moist sponge or brush. It dries quickly to create a thin, resilient base coat. A few drops of rain or perspiration will not smudge the stable coat of color, so your design and the clothing near it are both safe.

Perfect Coverage

aqua make-up - Durable, no smearing

maskworld aqua make-up is highly pigmented, so when you paint light colors on top of dark colors both colors remain brilliant. After one coat of maskworld aqua make-up dries, simply apply the next one. Most commercial make-up will bleed and produce muddy colors with this technique.

The shape of the water.

The shape of the water is a fairy tale of love. You don’t just see the love: you feel it.
It radiates out pours from the screen into your laps.

The merman is a dreamy beautiful stunning gift to the cinema screen. The unseen star is Doug Jones hidden underneath layers of carefully crafted latex.
Creature feature makeup at its best.

A poem from the film that I want to share with you.

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me.
Your presence fills my eyes with your love, it humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.”

How – to videos.

We would love to see you how to videos.

At Team Pixie we love to promote our customers too.

If you are a face painter or makeup artist and have made a how to video we would love to share it.

We, of course, will promote your business. We have just created a new space on our website for how to videos and would love some seasonal videos to start this new place on our website.

We want you to be part of our team so please email us your videos so we can add them.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 11.32.38

Doughnut Lips

National Doughnut Day
June 2, 2017
Today is National Donut Day.
To mark the event you could paint a Doughnut on your lips 🙂 or in a random act of kindness take this opportunity to enjoy a doughnut & coffee with a friend and pay the Bill.


Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.



In the vast world of anime, there are few franchises out there that match Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail.
For those unfamiliar with Fairy Tail, the anime follows an aspiring Celestial wizard named Lucy, who joins forces with Natsu, Ezra, and Grey, three incredibly powerful wizards to better hone her skills. She explores the world that’s filled with magic, mystery and lots of danger.
The long awaited film is released this week and is called Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.
Follow Team Pixies top Anime makeup tips to get yourself ready for an epic night at the cinema.

1.Change your eye colour with contacts. Large “circle lenses” can achieve a more dramatic effect than makeup, especially if coloured with an unnatural colour. Always get your eyes measured by an optometrist first.

2.Use a dark or bold lipstick to make your lips appear fuller and larger.

3.Add a pink blush cross the blush over the bridge of the nose from cheekbone to cheekbone

4. Pencil on false eyebrows. A thinner, higher arch looks more animated than a natural eyebrow, especially if drawn boldly.

What Are Kabuki Brushes?

We all have that favourite makeup brush. The brush that we pick up every time. But it’s good to have a variety of brushes on hand for a flawless face.
The kabuki brush can accomplish many tasks on its own — from foundation application to blending blush.

The firm brush head with lots of tightly-packed bristles creates a full-coverage, airbrushed look. A short handle provides extra control during application. Use it to dust on some blush, apply bronzers, powders, and shimmers flawlessly.